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Best Cooling and Ventilation Systems

COLT International is Europe's leading independent provider of building services with an annual turnover in excess of 120 mn pounds sterling and approximately employs 1000 employees.

Colt group was established in 1931 but now has grown to be represented in more than 60 countries. It offers an in-depth knowledge of a wide spectrum of technologies relating to fire protection, air movement, ductless car park ventilation, solar control and day lighting control for both new & refurbished buildings, which has been developed over nearly 80 years. Most products of colt are as GREEN as they can get.

Colt systems harness the natural elements of the sun, wind and light to create energy efficient and healthy building, contributing to the creation of a sustainable built environment.

Colt offers a range of products and services including climate control, ventilation, solar shading and smoke control systems. For over 75 years Colt has been providing healthy, safe and productive internal environment in industrial and commercial building & also providing architects with stunning architectural features for their design.

  • Reducing the building's cooling requirements with solar shading system & maximizing natural day lighting.
  • Passive cooling with natural ventilation and geothermal technology, ( harness the natural cooling properties of the ground).
  • Colt smoke containment systems prevent the movement of smoke and heat, creating a physical barrier using either smoke curtains or pressure differential systems. These systems channel the smoke in a predetermined direction and prevent or delay smoke entry into other areas. Colt ventilation system then removes the smoke from the building either by powered or natural means.
  • Integrating in the building envelop solar energy conversion systems such as photovoltaic cells.