Fabricated Metal Louver Solar Shading System

Controllable perforated Colt Shadometal louvres were specified by Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners which cover the complete West facade of the A500 Airside Center. The control system adjusts the position of the louvres in response to changing climatic conditions and available daylight.

Colt offer two external solar shading systems within the Shadometal range :

Solar C is a fixed solar shading system as Brise Soleil that may be installed either horizontally or vertically onto the building facade or roof.

Solarfin, is a system of fixed or controllable fins offering greater design flexibility. When linked to a sun tracking controller, Solarfin can offer the most effective degree of solar control without compromising light levels on dull days.

Louvres are also available in other materials such as glass, wood, terracotta clay and translucent acrylics.

* is brand name of Colt International