Eurometeor Smoke Ventilators Manufacturer

The EuroMeteor is an attractive, low profile, high performance flap natural ventilator which is primarily designed for smoke control applications. Additionally, the EuroMeteor offers the benefit of day-to-day cooling for comfort control applications.

The EuroMeteor's aerodynamic efficiency guarantees a very high performance from a flap natural ventilator and the product is available in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit all industrial and commercial applications.

Products manufactured by Colt use 100% recycled material for the principal aluminium components.

  • Protection of building structure, occupants and contents in fire emergencies
  • Natural cooling
  • Natural daylighting (even in closed position on translucent flap option)
  • Low running costs
  • Nine sizes to choose from
  • Efficient pneumatic control system
  • Available with aluminium or translucent flaps
  • Virtually maintenance free
* is brand name of Colt International