Colt Shadoglass Solar System Suppliers

Colt Shadoglass systems are available in four discreet standard designs, and can be designed and configured to meet specific project requirements.

Shadoglass combines practical solar control and stunning aesthetics to offer designers a distinctive architectural product that is ideally suited to modern low energy buildings.

Glass panels are available in various colours, surface finishes and coatings to meet specific design requirements. Electricity-generating photovoltaic cells may be installed onto the louvres as an option.

  • Optimum performance of reducing solar heat gain whilst maintaining daylight levels.
  • Distinctive solar architecture product offering a wide freedom of design and striking aesthetic opportunities.
  • Four discreet product designs to accommodate applications from small windows to complete fa├žades.
  • Glass comes in various configurations to meet performance and appearance specifications.
  • Three advanced control options are available, CCS 2000 for medium/large projects, Soltronic for smaller projects and the innovative
  • Thermo-hydraulic system.
  • Durable and reliable with low maintenance needs.
* is brand name of Colt International