Sanitizing Tunnel Manufacturer

Sanitizing tunnels are designed to disinfect personnel by passing through pass ways, which sprays disinfectant/sanitizer to kill Virus and any possible Bacteria. The tunnel contains the atomized liquid spray inside to effectively saturate the environment. In this way it is possible to sanitize all surfaces even those which are not directly exposed to the nozzles.

What it is used for?

  • Sanitary Gate represents a safe protection and can be installed at the entrance of Public Offices, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Airports, Hospitals, Ports, Railway Stations and in all the crowsed places for the hygienization of people and or the sanitization of Goods, Vehicles and Materials.
  • Sanitary Gate is a safe protection for public and private companies, it is possible to sanitize the workforce and items before entering the Manufacturing Facilities to help maintaining a high level of hygiene in a few minutes.


  • Single wall Construction with cover and piping.
  • Automatic on/off operated with personnel movement sensors
  • Height Pressure for providing jet flow of disinfectant to take care of flow requirement
  • Openable Lid covered tank with 500 liters capacity of disinfectant storage
  • Disinfectant type-Super Oxidized Solution, Stabilized Hypochlotous acid with purfied water
  • Solenoid valve for disinfectatn liquid controlling during cycle
  • Acrylic sheet covering on sides & top for better luminance inside the unit
  • Drain in water tank for tank cleaning

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