Solar Shading Systems Manufacturers

We,Roots Cooling Systems Pvt Ltd (RCS) Noida as one of the RCS Group of Companies, introduced unique range of "Solar Shading Systems" in India with our partners Colt International Ltd, UK.

Colt has more than 40 years experience in designing solar shading solutions. With operating companies located Worldwide, Colt has a broad product portfolio to meet the project needs. Colt was the first to incorporate electricity generating photovoltaic cells into solar shading louvres. We understand that a low energy building fails on its weakest link, so we can provide integrated solutions that cover many aspects of design including day lighting and natural ventilation solutions. We are dedicated to innovation and have a comprehensive design capability, including prototyping and testing facilities.

Excessive solar heat gain and solar glare can be a costly and unwanted hindrance for building owners. Architects and Consultants are increasingly recognizing that solar shading systems can play in both enhancing the quality of the internal environment, and saving energy.

Our solar shading systems offers, designers the opportunity, for distinctive architectural impact whilst reducing solar heat gains. External solar shading is one of the most effective ways to control the internal conditions of a building. Radiation from the sun is transmitted, absorbed and reflected by the louvres. As a result solar heat gain is prevented from passing into the building, minimizing ventilation requirements and reducing cooling loads. If a controllable system is installed, adjustable louvres track the position of the sun, thereby reducing the numbers of days when the building overheats. Equally, in winter the louvers may be adjusted in such a way that the building benefits from the heat from the sun, and they can be closed at night reducing heat loss. At the same time, daylight levels are enhanced, and levels of glare are reduced.

Louvre panels are available in Metal (Shadometal series), Glass (Shadoglass series), Glass with photovoltaic cells (Shadovoltaics Series), and Fabric (Shadotex series) construction and also available in various configurations fixed or controllable, finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of almost any project. Three advanced control options are available, ICS 4-Link for large or medium sized projects, Soltronic for smaller projects, and the innovative Girasol thermohydraulic system, which requires no external energy source. All systems are durable and reliable with low maintenance needs.

We would welcome the opportunity to develop solutions to match your unique requirements.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Can be controllable (self/manual) or fixed
  • Allows refused natural daylight
  • Reduces the Air Conditioning and lighting Load
  • Corrosion resistant structural components
  • Permit the integration of photovoltaic cells
  • Architectural Appeal
* is brand name of Colt International