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  • Long history of product and application know-how
  • Capability to source and provide service for any product and anywhere
  • Highly knowledgeable and technical staff and engineers
  • In house technical support and service
  • Large inventory of products, parts and consumables

Application of RCS India Are :- Metallurgy, Water Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Cement, Sewage & Effluent, Sugar, Effluent/ Water Treatment Plant, Air Agitation of chemical solution, Filter Bed Agitation, Sulphation process – Sugar plants, Cement Blending, Aeration & Fluidation, Pneumatic Conveying – Cement Chemicals, Fertilizer & Chemical Plants, Power Generation Paper Bulk, Textile, Gas, Ice, GLS Lamps, Transport Vehicles, Refineries, Breweries & Distilleries, Soap & Detergents, Fertilizer, Pressuration of high altitude Chambers, Air Blowing Glass Industry, Agitation of liquids – Electroplating plants, Ice-plants, Lamps & Luminaries manufacturing plants etc., Centralised vacuum cleaning, Boosting or Evacuation of gases, Fisheries / Hatcheries / Aquaculture.

Customer Connect as you need the Blower along with the pipelines, silencers , NRV’s, PRV’s , Bellow etc. our rental blowers come packed as complete set . Customers just need to connect with their piping and take the line to diffusors for machine to be switched on and start running.

S. No. Observation Action
1. Loose flange at inlet/outlet of Blower. Tighten the joints
2. Improper opening of non-return valve Correct the valve position as per flow direction
3. Low level of gear oil Fill the oil to correct (red mark) level.
4. Higher of gear oil Adjust the specified R.P.M. of the blower
5. Filter choking Clean/change the filter
S. No. Observation Action
1. The filter is dirty and choked Clean/change the filter.
2. Discharge pressure too high :
a) Direction/operation of NRV not proper
b) Operation of gate valve not proper
c) Operation of safety valve not proper
­ Correct the valve position as per flow Direction or change the NRV
­ Rectify/change the gate valve/delivery gate
­ Clean the male & female parts of Safety valve or change the valve
3. Oil level too low/high or oil chamber is dry Fill the oil chamber to correct level.
4. Viscosity of oil is high. Fill the specified grade of oil.
5. Bearings at pulley side are dry Grease the bearings or fill correct oil (For both side oil lubricating Blower).
6. Deposits on the lobes/inner walls of casing.
(For checking this open the inlet/outlet flange of the blower)
Clean the blower with Kerosene/Diesel.
S. No. Observation Action
1. Deposits on the lobes or inner wall of the casing Clean the blower with Kerosene/Diesel.
2. Electric Motor is faulty (To check this remove the belts, isolate the Blower from motor and run the motor.) Change the motor.
S. No. Observation Action
1. Oil leaks from the breather plug Cause : Oil level too high. Fill the oil to marked level.
2. Oil leaks through the drain plug Cause:
a) Loose fitting of plug
b) Rubber seal damaged
Tight the plug properly Change the seal
3. Oil leakage from vent hole of the blower in gear and pulley side. Call our nearest Sales Office
4. Oil leakage in delivery line Call our nearest Sales Office

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"RCS India"" is team of well Qualified, Experienced & dedicated engineers committed to give best quality of maintenance our products supported by prompt after sales service.Our goal is to provide advanced technology to meet our customers Profile We guarantee to provide the blowers with top quality and competitive price to our customers.

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