Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling System

The indirect cooling module (ICM) is a pre-cooler used in 2-Stage or Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling. The ICM cools the air without adding any additional moisture.

It accomplishes this by circulating water through a sensible heat exchanger, while a fan draws air through the heat exchanger. This air and water are cooled by evaporation and in turn cool the walls of the heat exchanger. The removed heat is exhausted from the unit with the moist air. Hot, dry outside air is pulled horizontally through the cooled walls of the heat exchanger by the attached evaporative cooler. This air is cooled and since it does not come in contact water, there is no moisture added. The dry-air cooled by the ICM is then cooled further by the direct evaporative cooler. The dry bulb temperature of the air after going past the ICM drops as does the wet bulb or saturation temperature.

This cooled dry air from the ICM is pulled through wet evaporative media in the direct evaporative cooler which cools the air and adds moisture. In a design summer ambient conditions, the IDEC can lower the incoming air temperature below the existing ambient wet bulb conditions.

Features :
  • Robust Construction
  • High IAQ
  • Flexibility
  • Higher Cooling-115% Saturation efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Low noise
  • Aesthetically Appealing

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